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Why beef jerky is for the lady JEEERKS too!
Traditionally, women have tended more towards a discerning palate than their male counterparts.  Whilst the highly predictable ‘meat and two veg’ might have satisfied the male palate, it is women who ‘spiced’ this dish up by adding creamy sauces, exotic spices and...

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Why JEEERKS beef jerky is the perfect addition to your next meal

Do you love beef jerky for backpacking and quick snacking?  For long distance hikes or when you get off the gym bike? – We do too! (no surprises there).

What some of you may not know though, is that not only is JEEERKS beef jerky a perfect snack on its own, it’s the perfect addition to your next meal too!

So, if you’re only eating JEEERKS beef jerky between meals, then you’re totally missing out!

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Our first Blog post
An Introduction to JEEERKSBeef Jerky – the healthy snack! As an avid meat lover, you’re bound to recognise the frustration of finding a healthy, easy grab and go, protein-rich meat snack that isn’t laden with fat, preservatives and hidden nasties.A grab and...

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