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Jerky Box

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Beef jerky is most definitely a growing trend on the rise in Australia, and with low prices and new flavours spurring demand, the beef jerky competition is increasing by the day.

With so many types of beef jerky out there, the choice of buying your next packet of beef jerky isn’t necessarily an easy one!

So, how do you know which one to choose? We’ve found a business that provides a solution to this little problem and more.

It started with a dream

Before we tell you about this bangin business, we thought we’d share the story behind it.

The business came about when owner Latoya, decided to pursue her dream of setting up her own business. She started off with a couple of different businesses (including a dog wash), before deciding on a unique online business to fill a gap in the market (two gaps in fact): The gap of limited good quality beef jerky with variety and the gap of limited blokey gift box options for men.

From this, came the beginning of Jerky Box.

A box full of beef jerky

What could be a better solution to finding the right beef jerky for you, than with a website that sells more than one type of beef jerky and has mixed jerky boxes available? (we can’t think of anything).

Or better yet, what is the perfect gift option for the hungry meat loving man in your life? A Jerky Box of course!

Jerky Box has just that, with jerky brands available ranging from Barbell Biltong, The Jerky Lady, Upper Hunter Smokehouse and a little company called JEEERKS (you may have heard of them).

Buy your beef jerky now, pay for it later

One of the best features about the Jerky Box website is the ‘buy now, pay later’ option.

Zip Pay and After Pay are available, allowing you to own the way you pay for your beef jerky.

The gift of beef jerky

With Christmas around the corner, the gift of giving is getting closer to the front of our minds.

Jerky Box are one step ahead of us with their Christmas mixed jerky boxes already available.

What’s more, they give you the option to personalise your boxes with silly or joyful messages too; “Merry Christmas, you big jerk!” hee hee.

We love Jerky Box and we really love beef jerky!

If you’re still trying to find the right beef jerky for you and want to give some new brands a try, or want to get a head start on Christmas shopping for the carnivore in your life, head to Jerky Box and check it out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.

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