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Beef jerky, I’ve seen it in the shops, heard people rant about it BUT what the hell is it exactly??

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So, you’ve probably already read in our previous blogs all about the origins of beef jerky, but no doubt you have a few burning questions about jerky that you are dying to ask, but are just too embarrassed or shy to do so....hopefully, after reading this blog, your mouth will be watering and you’ll be reaching for closest bag of JEEERKS, knowing all about the goodness and deliciousness you’re about experience.

Beef Jerky, what is it?

Put simply, jerky is premium cuts of beef, (or for you amateurs, cows) trimmed of fat then cut and marinated in ingredients such as worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, herbs and spices. The cuts are then simply dried to create a tasty, wholesome and moorish snack.

How on earth do you eat beef jerky?

Jerky is the perfect on the go snack that you can literally pop in your bag and take anywhere, be it on the train to work, on a day trip with the family or on a long hike. Whatever and wherever you are, jerky is ideal for satisfying any appetite, no matter how big or small. You don’t even need to have a fridge to enjoy jerky, just be sure to store it at room temperature and consume it within a year, or 3 to 4 days after opening. (As if it will last that long anyway! Once you open the packet, you won’t be able to stop yourself!)

Do I have to cook beef jerky?

Beef jerky requires no additional cooking or preparation. Just open the bag, pull out a handful and place in your mouth. By definition, beef jerky is shelf-stable which means that it is ready to eat as is, what could be easier? Oh, and NO washing up!
Is beef jerky gluten-free?

In its’ simplest form, beef jerky is nothing more than dehydrated meat and when produced without the addition of any gluten-based ingredients however some jerky is NOT gluten free so it pays to read the ingredients before consuming, JEEERKS Beef Jerky contains absolutely no gluten so a great snack alternative for coeliacs.

So, is jerky healthy?

Beef jerky is also a fabulous source of iron and zinc, which can help boost your immune system- a typical serving of beef jerky contains 1.54mg of iron (the recommended daily intake for men is 8mg and for women it's 18mg) and 2.3mg of zinc (recommended daily intake is 11mg for men and 8mg for women). Iron-deficiency anaemia is common amongst women of child-bearing age, so if you're struggling to get enough iron into your diet try snacking on some beef jerky.
Most beef jerky is low in carbohydrates, low in saturated fats and high in protein however be sure to check the nutritional labels as some processed jerky contain high levels of sugar, JEEERKS however is high in protein, low in saturated fat, low carbs and of course full of flavour.

Beef jerky is not only a wholesome snack alternative but also satisfying and will curb your afternoon sugar lows and is sure to keep you going all day long!
So now you know a bit more about jerky why not grab a bag of JEEERKS today and taste it for yourself…once you go JEEERKS you don’t go back

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