Frustrated with the quality of beef jerky available, a young human resources manager from Kirra in Queensland took a bold step: making her own tasty, traditional and nutritional beef jerky. Four years on, clever enterprising and hard work has put JEEERKS™ on the path to becoming the leading beef jerky in the country. In 2023 JEEERKS™ was purchased by Young South Australian Entrepreneur, Marcus Kuys, adding to his Beef Jerky Empire. Marcus has made beef jerky for 14 years and has a passion for providing all consumers with the worlds leading jerky. 

Ordinarily, the consumption of beef jerky has been associated with the unhealthy activity of beer drinking. So when Pip Clark saw a gap in the market for quality beef jerky, her background in fitness and health fuelled her passion to produce old-school, tasty beef jerky and educate consumers about its health benefits.

Determined to outdo the heavily processed, flavourless jerky already available in stores, Pip went back to basics to make traditional beef jerky. Sourcing 100 per cent premium Australian beef, she trialled and tested recipes until she found the right balance between taste, texture and flavour. The result was JEEERKS™: a tasty and  nutritional, jerky that has quickly found popularity among Australian consumers.

Manufactured within a HACCP accredited facility in Brisbane from lean cuts of topside Australian beef stripped of all fat, JEEERKS™ is “simply the way beef jerky should be,” explains Pip. “Most beef jerkies are leathery or processed; JEEERKS™ is 100% Australian made and owned premium beef jerky.”

JEEERKS™ comes in hard or soft variations to suit individual palates and is available in original, chilli and BBQ flavours. All JEEERKS™ products are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, made with a classic blend of herbs and spices that give it a rich, fullbodied, classic flavour.

With a delicious product in hand, Pip set out to demystify a common assumption about beef jerky’s nutritional value. She has been educating consumers about its high protein, lower in fat, and low carbohydrate content, letting people know that as a snack – unlike a bag of chips or lollies – jerky is actually good for you.

JEEERKS™’ handy packaging and affordability attracts a wide range of buyers, from people conscious about their weight, health and fitness looking for a high-protein snack, to people on the go and to parents searching for the perfect snack for their children.

"As we like to say, it’s packed with protein for the Gym JEEERKS™, low in carbs for the lady JEEERKS™ and full of flavour for the pub JEEERKS™" . “It is also very popular with the younger generation – children just love it, and it is proving to be a better choice over other lunch box items that are high in sugar and saturated fats.”

Besides being a natural and wholesome snack, jerky also works as a versatile companion to many meals, including salads, pizzas, soups and omelettes to name a few. Its adaptability has recently attracted the attention of Australian Gourmet Kitchen, which is developing cooking videos focusing on cooking with the JEEERKS™ product range.

JEEERKS™ beef jerky is currently distributed nationally and is also available via their online store.

The Brand: The distinct and quirky JEEERKS™ branding appeals to a wide range of demographics and is adaptable to almost any consumer market. The cartoony brown cow represents the product’s source in a fun, unconventional way and – combined with the lush, lime green font – JEEERKS™’ packaging concept represents a clean, fresh, premium quality product.