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Why JEEERKS beef jerky is the perfect addition to your next meal

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Do you love beef jerky for backpacking and quick snacking?  For long distance hikes or when you get off the gym bike? – We do too! (no surprises there).

What some of you may not know though, is that not only is JEEERKS beef jerky a perfect snack on its own, it’s the perfect addition to your next meal too!

So, if you’re only eating JEEERKS beef jerky between meals, then you’re totally missing out!

Adding a few strips of JEEERKS beef jerky to your saucepan or pot, or tossing it over an already cooked meal, is an easy way to pump up both the protein and flavour, making it the perfect addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We have been experimenting in the JEEERKS kitchen and have a little teaser for you – A sneak peak of just some of our favourite meal ideas!


Perfect a Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza?

With JEEERKS beef jerky on top of your pizza, you’ll love it even more.

Add JEEERKS Beef Jerky range to your favourite pizza topping, you won’t be disappointed. Keep it simple, with just a handful of ingredients.


Spruce up a simple salad

We all know that you don’t make friends with salad – boring!

So, spruce your simple salad up with some JEEERKS beef jerky - One of the healthiest and tastiest ways to turn your simple salad into a sensational one.

Just chop or grate, sprinkle it on top, and away you go!  Your friends will want to know!


Add some ‘ooh’ to your omelette

Want to really impress your next breakfast guest?

Whichever way you ‘omelette’, adding any of the JEEERKS soft jerky range is a quick and simple way to add protein and flavour to any omelette. 


Sauce up a scrumptious soup

Baby, it’s cold outside!  Which means it’s clearly the season for soup!

Taste the difference with JEEERKS beef jerky in your soup… it adds flavour, texture and protein to any soup.

Love a good old-fashioned pea and ham soup?  Why not use JEEERKS beef jerky as a ham substitute? It will give you extra flavor, and with our hard range, a little bit of extra crunch, just like a crouton. 


So, if you’re feeling lost for dinner ideas tonight, why not add some beef jerky to make it right?

Whether you jerk hard or soft, like it original or like it hot, JEEERKS beef jerky can quickly turn a ‘blah’ meal into an exciting one!

You can find a recipe for all the above meal ideas (plus some more), on our website.

JEEERKS supply running low? Stock up here and always have some ready to go!


Have a favourite JEEERKS beef jerky recipe of your own?  We’d love to know! Contact us with your recipe today!  We’ll even share it on our Facebook page!

But wait, there’s more!  Free beef jerky is up for grabs for the best ideas!

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