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An Introduction to JEEERKS
Beef Jerky – the healthy snack!

As an avid meat lover, you’re bound to recognise the frustration of finding a healthy, easy grab and go, protein-rich meat snack that isn’t laden with fat, preservatives and hidden nasties.

A grab and go meat snack to throw in your gym bag, store in your office draw, pop in your kid’s lunch box or munch on during your afternoon commute, whilst satisfying your taste for meat has been difficult to come across, until now…

Four years ago, on the beaches of Kirra, Queensland, Pip Clark (JEEERKS founder) was, frustrated with the quality of beef jerky available.

She was consuming processed, unhealthy beef jerky, filled with stuff our bodies can do without. On top of that, the eating experience was similar to that of chewing on old shoe leather.

Pip had had enough! And so, she made the bold step of taking the future of beef jerky into her own hands (literally) and made her very own!

Today, her clever enterprising and hard work has put JEEERKS on the path to becoming Australia’s leading beef jerky. Why? Because it’s tasty, traditional and nutritional.

In our very first blog, we’re here to share with you what makes us and our beef jerky different.

What makes JEEERKS different?

• Australian JEEERK

Unlike many of the other beef jerky brands on the market, JEEERKS is Australian made and owned.

Pip’s determination to outdo the heavily processed, flavourless jerky already available in stores, saw her going back to basics to make traditional beef jerky. Sourcing only premium Australian beef, she trialled and tested recipes until she found the right balance between taste, texture, and flavour.

The result? JEEERKS! A  tasty, traditional and nutritional, beef jerky that has quickly found popularity among Australian consumers. 

• Healthy JEEERK

In the past, the consumption of beef jerky was often associated with the unhealthy activity of beer drinking.

A large part of this association is due to the gap in the market. It was this gap that inspired Pip to use her fitness and health background to produce old-school jerky and fuel her passion to educate consumers about its health benefits, thereby reducing that market gap.

Unlike other beef jerky on the market, JEEERKS is not full of preservatives or sugar and we have ditched any artificial additives, allowing the snack’s biggest star, protein, to really shine!

JEEERKS beef jerky products are high in protein, low in carbohydrates and gluten free, made with a classic blend of herbs and spices that give it a rich, full-bodied, classic flavour.

• For all kinds of JEEERKS

JEEERKS really is the perfect go to healthy snack for everyone.

It’s packed with protein for the Gym JEEERKS, low in carbs for the lady JEEERKS and full of flavour for the pub JEEERKS.

And believe it or not, it’s also very popular with the younger generation – children love it, and it is proving to be a better choice over other lunch box items which are high in sugar and saturated fats.

• MOOO-re for JEEERKS MOOO-lah

At just $5.99 for 50grams, $21.99 for 200grams, $39.99 for 500grams and $73.99 for 1kg, JEEERKS is very competitively priced.

And with bulk buying options and free shipping on all orders over $50, JEEERKS really does give you MOOO-re for your MOOO-lah!

At JEEERKS, we have gone back to basics, making beef jerky all natural, tasty, traditional and nutritional.

Get your healthy grab and go snack! Get your JEEERKS on here and now!

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